California band Mad Caddies led the Lee’s Palace stage with their lively 17-song set list consisting of songs from their newest album Dirty Rice released on May 13.

With headliners Teenage Kicks and Stuck Out Here, Mad Caddies hit the Toronto stage on May 18 for the first time in 7 years with their Ska-Punk style. The six-member band began their newest tour on April 2, 2014 declaring Toronto their final and only Canadian stop for American Tour Dates.

Before the venue had opened its doors, there were crowds of enthusiastic music fans anxiously waiting to enter the venue. Long time fan Enzo Gimenez said, “It’s been 17 years since their debut album and Mad Caddies are still going as hard as day one!”

The night began with openers Stuck Out Here an Ontario-based band. They rocked out to a small crowd with their loud Punk and Indie style. Next came Irish Punk band Teenage Kicks who are the kind of band that will sing about girl you will meet in highschool and marry ten years later. With their loud guitars, thunderous drums and powerful vocals, the crowd began to grow. After watching these two bands, the fans were more excited than ever as they were filling up the floor.

Once Mad Caddies stepped onto the Lee’s Palace stage, they instantly opened with “Leavin’” from their 2003 album Just One More, leading to their song Without You which is one of their catchiest numbers filled with Latin inspired horns and a steady Ska rhythm. A song that had the crowd screaming and stage diving was “State of Mind” from their 2007 album Keep it Going. From their newest album they played “Brand New Scar,” which has a piano twist and an end of summer kind of vibe. Mad Caddies closed their 17 song setlist with “Distress,” one of their oldest singles from their 1997 album Quality Soft Core, which had the long-term Mad Caddies fans jumping with joy.

The fans were definitely satisfied by the lengthy and exciting show put on by the Mad Caddies. A fan Sabrina Rico said, “It was the first time I have been to a Mad Caddies show and I must say that they sound even better live than in their studio recordings. The crowd was crazy and everybody was dancing and having a good time.”

From the central coast of California, Ska-Punk band Mad Caddies formed in the summer of 1995. In late 1996 they grew tired of the common sun, surf, sand routine and locked themselves indoors to focus entirely on their music, which is when they created their 1997 album Quality Soft Core. Once this album was shared, there was no time wasted and the young musicians were signed to Fat Wreck Chords.

Over the course of their musical careers they reached far beyond the boundaries of Ska and Punk mixing with Roots Reggae, Dixieland Jazz, Country, California inspired Surf, Latin-roots as well as Polka with some Swing. Guided by Chuck Robertson’s distinguished vocals and rhythm guitar, they have Sascha Lazor on lead guitar as well as banjo, Keith Douglas on trumpet with vocals, Ed Hernandez on trombone, Cris Badham on bass and last but not least, Brian Flenniken on drums.

Their songs are created through astonishing musicianship and fantastic stage manner which has helped them achieve a loyal fan base.

Enzo Gimenez says, “The Toronto show was a testament to how loved their music is and how they are living legends of Ska.”

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