OpinionWhy Should We Travel?

Why travel?you may ask. Well, my belief is that going on vacations and visiting new places is very important in life. Life should be full of journey and excitement. We have a beautiful planet, why not take a look around it?

Firstly, traveling will help you expand on skills that you never even knew you possessed. Think about the happiness once you reach the top of that mountain, trying delicious foods that you’ve never even seen before, crossing the longest bridge you have ever seen or even scuba diving.

Traveling gives you adventure like none other! You don’t always look back at your trip to the local pool as a memorable moment, but after swimming in the Great Barrier reef with fish all over Australia or relaxing on the beach in Hawaii, rowing a boat in Venice and watching a live Manchester United soccer game in England, you will have the coolest journey stories. With traveling, you feel so lively and active with life, which is a great feeling.

Memories are the greatest. You will have wonderful photos, collections and items from your trips that you can share with your peers. It is always great to hear ones travel stories. Especially at an old age, you will have some awesome stories to share with your grand kids!

Traveling teaches you about culture and acceptance. Meeting others from exotic, exciting cultures will teach you the real image of how the culture is. It will be fantastic to try new foods, wear different clothing and celebrate different events. It teaches you more about others lives especially when you get to experience their lifestyle. It gives you a whole new perspective on people and on life.

You could learn a new language! It is fantastic to learn a new language, especially one you did not even know existed. Saying Good morning in French, ordering a meal in a Mandarin restaurant and saying goodbye in Spanish would be an accomplishment.

Education is quite important in my book and a way to expand your knowledge is by traveling to a new country. There are amazing schools all over the world, from different areas of Europe to Australia and even South Asia. There is so much you can learn from politics from geography and history. I for one would absolutely love to study in another country!

Traveling is filled with challenges; challenges that you accomplish. There are so many joys in challenging yourself. How about walking an hour in India to find a shop? Trying to interact with restaurant servers in Brazil? Hiking in the Grand Canyon? Doing the CN Tower Edge Walk? These are all challenging tasks in their own ways and it would be amazing to accomplish something in another location.

Traveling is something new! Are you tired of waking up, grabbing that coffee, going to the office, coming home, watching some television and going to bed? Plan something new! Traveling is something else – something different! It is full of spontaneous occurrences.

Dreamsdo come true. Do you ever daydream about visiting a new location and trying some new foods and swimming in the ocean or taking a horseback ride? Well you should make it a reality. Live your dream.

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