Backyard Oasis via GoodLife Magazine

By Raven  Benwait

Your home should match your lifestyle; it should be a reflection of who you are, says Maple resident Mike Anobile. “You design your home for your needs and how you live.”

For Anobile, in the summer, that means entertaining and relaxing outside—so he designed his backyard to meet those needs.

What was once an open grassy slope that led to a steep hill at the back of the property is now a private oasis for family and friends.

Transforming the space required a lot of heavy lifting—raising and levelling land nearest the house and building the large wall that flanks one side and the back of the property. Large evergreens and shrubs provide privacy and add a natural softness to space.

Wide stone steps lead from double doors of the basement walkout up to seating and dining areas. An outbuilding includes a washroom and a counter area for preparing and serving snacks.

Anobile reveals the inspiration for the design comes from his travels to tropical resorts—and it’s easy to see the connection in the potted palms, hanging baskets overflowing with colourful blooms and lounge chairs that flank the large pool.

Accessories such as heaters, a large umbrella and cabana with comfy furniture mean Anobile, his family and guests can enjoy the space on both cool evenings and blazing hot days.

In many ways, the backyard is an extension of Anobile’s lower level entertaining space. A large open room made cosy by the earth tone finishes, it houses deep leather couches around a media centre at one end and a bar at the other.

Anobile uses the open space in the centre to set up “cruiser” tables for parties—giving his guests spots to gather in small groups and set drinks and snacks.

He chose the flooring, a combination of multi-hued natural stone tile and rich medium-brown glossy hardwood, for its easy-wearing durability. “I chose this specific flooring because it’s great for parties. There’s a lot of traffic during the summer and people walk in with their shoes which is fine for my durable floor choice.”

The bar, a favourite feature of the space, is really a fully functioning kitchen, with a fridge, dishwasher and stove. Shelves lined with glassware and every manner of libation speaks to a man who loves to host a party.

“I enjoy the atmosphere of being around a bar and an open concept that allows me toCREATE a relaxing environment for myself and, of course, for people to come over,” he says. “I like having people over and I enjoy keeping them entertained.”

Anobile says, “I enjoy entertaining and if I didn’t, I probably would have made this space divided into a few rooms. But I love to entertain and have designed this room to fit my lifestyle.”

Style goal: A relaxing and inviting environment for summer parties.

Must-haves : Seamless indoor and outdoor spaces •    Pool •    Seating for a crowd •    Bar •    Comfort •    Landscaping

Favourite feature: Landscaping For Mike Anobile, the backyard is an extension of the home. A properly landscaped backyard provides an additional outdoor living space where you can spend time with family and friends. Before tackling his backyard landscaping project, Anobile met with his cousin so they could mesh their creativity and bring his goals to life. Their professional expertise—his cousin owned MC Landscape & Design and Anobile is co-owner of Vivid Construction—worked in their favour when creative this tropical dream backyard.

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