Here is my list of life’s little reminders. Have some positivist in your life. 🙂

Sing in the shower

Watch the sunrise

Treat everyone as you’d want to be treated

Watch the sunset

Never refuse a homemade chocolate chip cookie

Strive to be excellent, not to be perfect

Listen to music

Never waste an opportunity to tell someone you love them

Plant a tree

Set goals and dreams

Become the most positive person you’ve ever known

Think big, but be grateful of small moments

Say thank you, say please


Leave everything better than you found it

Make your bed

Avoid negative bums

Don’t forget birthdays!

Dance for joy

Clean your shoes

Keep that handshake firm and confident

Commit yourself to constant improvement

When you have a conversation, look at the person in their eye

Say hello

Have hobbies

Go to a concert, go listen to some live music!

Return what you borrow

Make new friends, yet treasure the old ones

Keep secrets, don’t share them

Plant flowers, its spring bud!

Death is a process of life, just as birth is

Don’t be afraid to cry

Be a risk-taker

Stop blaming others

Take responsibility for your actions

Do what makes you happy, not what makes others happy

But do be fair

Pamper yourself

Wave at children that bang on the school bus windows trying to get your attention

Be the helping hand

Understand the power of love

Life is not a period, life is not a question mark, but life is an exclamation mark

Compliment others

Admit when you’re wrong

Late nights, early mornings – don’t give up, you’re working hard

Admit when you don’t know

Thank mom and dad

Respect your elders (they are the wise ones)

Have an afternoon in your PJ’s with cartoons and pancakes


Take pictures. Who cares about judgement?

Watch the stars

Take a bubble bath and use candles while you’re at it

Out of the billions of people in our world, don’t you dare let one person ruin your day.

Had a bad day? We all do and tomorrow will be better


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