About Me

I am Raven, an artist who enjoys live music, painting, travelling with my camera and writing each day. Life for me is a canvas, waiting to be painted colourfully. On each adventure I go, I love to bring along my camera to capture moments of my wonderful journey. I am currently a Toronto student at Humber College studying a Bachelor of Journalism. With this degree I hope to pursue a career in photo journalism, print and broadcast.

The arts have played a huge role in my life for as long as I can remember. I have been working on my collection of sketches, paintings, sculptures and photographs since I began school. My love for music first began as I loved singing and writing songs for solo and band performances, while introducing myself to new instruments such as guitar, upright bass, violin and more. Music is what created a link to writing. After writing lyrics, my interests widened and I began to write more about sports, arts and keep a journal for my everyday life.

This is what led me to Journalism – I want to write about events that take place in our world.

Thanks for reading and feel free to follow my blog for some original photography and artwork, great music, inspiration and more!


8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I have been going through your instagram pages and now through your pages here.
    Must say your work is impressive.
    On instagram, i stumbled into kne of your own (?) photographs, and started wondering why you have not been spotted by Hollywood!!
    All the best.

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